An Overview Of Dentures

At New Smile, our cosmetic dentist will set you up with a customized set of dentures to fit your needs. Whether it’s a duplicate of your natural smile or one with cosmetic upgrades, the choice is yours. Patient satisfaction is always our No. 1 priority.

Keep reading to learn more about dentures.

Are You A Candidate For Dentures?

Many patients don’t realize that losing teeth actually causes their facial muscles to relax and sag, leading to an aged appearance. Because dentures fill out your face, your expression appears more lifted and youthful.

How To Care For Your Dentures

Dentures need to be cared for in the same way as teeth in order to remove food particles and plaque. Of course, regular care can also prevent staining. At New Smile in Denver, we would be happy to walk you through our denture care routine and set you up for success with your dentures for years to come.

We look forward to helping you fall in love with your smile once again! You are in good hands with Dr. Steele and the rest of our dental care staff. Reach out to New Smile today and see if dentures might be a long-term solution for you.

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