From wisdom teeth removal to emergency tooth extraction, we do it all with care. Although the term “tooth extraction” may sound scary, there is nothing to fear. We treat all extractions with care, and our focus is always the comfort of our patients. From excessive tooth decay to tooth infections, crowded teeth to wisdom teeth, we remove issues to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

This procedure is relatively quick, and it can include a variety of anesthetics to decrease your sensitivity and overall pain both during and after the extraction process. While removing a visible tooth is quite simple, an impacted or broken tooth may take a more involved procedure. No matter what it is you need, the team at New Smile is prepared to help.

Depending on the type of extraction, we will either provide you with local anesthetic around the tooth or we will ensure you are unconscious for the procedure. A local anesthetic is used for simple extractions, and it allows you to merely feel pressure during the extraction instead of pain. Our local and intravenous anesthesia is typically used for surgical extractions.

We will inform you if we feel you need a tooth extraction. Contact New Smile today to set up your appointment, especially if you have been experiencing a toothache. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon.

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